Be a part in creating a safe festival!

Hi dear festival visitor!
Please take a minute to read about what we do to make Urkult a safe place as possible. Accidents can happen so easily when a lot of people are gathering. We ask you to pay attention if you see or hear anything that doesn’t seem right. Show yourself and your neighbour that you care and look out for each other!

Safety and Police
During the festival Urkult work closely together with the police, we have our own security guards and hired security. All of whom co-operate to create an environment that feels safe and sound.

Rescue Service
Rescue Service is a firefighter on call with elementary medical education. Their duty is to be first on call when an accident happens. When you see them you have to give way and in no circumstances hinder them to come forward.

Safety Watch
Apart from the Police, security and Emergency number (+46)112 which is the first choice in an event of emergency. We also have a Safety Watch on call with educated staff that can help if you or someone else have been exposed to something that isn’t ok. In an event of sexual harassment, rape or similar please report to (+46) 112

The number to Safety Watch is (+46) 707 704 731 (the number is active 24hrs during festival weekend).

A policy for attitude and equality
Urkult as an organisation is striving to work after a policy where all people no matter what sexes or gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or religious beliefs, should feel included, safe and welcomed, during the festival and to other events that Urkult have.

But most of all we strive to be a welcoming and loving festival where thousands of people can get together and experience something unique. Peace and love!