Be a volunteer

We couldn't do it without you!

Every year around 600 volunteers are joining us at Urkult to help build a festival. Together we make sure the festival becomes a reality. Thanks to all good souls we can continue year after year. To do volunteering at Urkult is often described as a little bit intense, a little crazy and immensely joyful. You will meet so many people and you might even discover some unknown talents of your own.

As a volunteer you will be placed in a work group, like security, the entrance or the environmental group, you are expected to work a minimum of 12 hrs during the festival or 16 hrs if you come before or stay after the festival. The hours are often split into 2-3 shifts. We expect you to be completely sober when you are on your shifts.

For 12 hrs or 16 hrs you will get:

  • Entrance to the festival
  • “Fika”( Coffee, tea and snacks) at the Staff CafĂ©
  • A camping spot for your tent at the Volunteer camping by the river.


***Please note that the application will open in spring***