Environmental Work

Urkult is striving to create as small carbon footprint as possible. It is a challenge when so many people are at the same place at the same time. We can’t do this on our own without the help from you as a visitor. Remember, together we can make it possible.

We have focused on two areas when it comes to reducing the environmental-impact. One is the food we serve and the garbage we leave behind. From the food stalls inside the festival area we demand that their food is ecological, we also help them get in touch with local food producers to increase the local share in locally produced food. Ecological food cultivates without pesticides this in turn keeps the water and ground cleaner. To encourage locally produced food results in shorter transport distance and contributes to a living countryside in the north of Sweden.

The garbage inside the festival area mainly consists of compostable materials. All food leftovers and disposables is decomposed and becomes good soil to cultivate in. The disposables is made out of corn starch and tree cellulose, they are free from toxins and can therefore be thrown into the compost bins.

After all the eating and dancing a visit to the portable toilet is often necessary. Some of the portable toilets inside the festival area is separating the urine from the poo. This has the advantage of the barrel where the poo ends up won’t have to be changed so often. To separate the urine is also good for all the important substance that urine has, a perfect fertiliser when growing vegetables.

Foto Katarina Norström

As a part in the environmental perspective you are able to travel to Urkult from the central station in Stockholm with “The Urkult Train”. An electrical train from Nässjö railway museum.
More information is found at Urkultståget

Foto Hampus hagstedt

Please help us separate waste inside the festival area by throwing the right dump in the right bin.

The decomposable plastic is made out of corn starch but looks and feels like “normal” plastic. All disposables and leftovers will be collected after the festival and taken to a farm outside Näsåker. The composite soil is then used for the vegetable garden and flower arrangement at the festival.

Tips! To minimize consumption of rescources even more, please feel free to bring your own cutlery to the festival!

This is how we waste separate

Compost Food leftovers, disposable cutlery and plates, cups and plastic glasses from the food stalls and glasses from the pubs inside the festival.

Paper packaging Cardboard, candy wrappers and other paper packaging.

Plastic Both hard and soft plastic, but not the disposables mentioned above, since they are composable.

Metal Any metal packaging like foliage, tins and cans.

Glass Coloured and uncoloured glass bottles and jars should be put inside the glass recycling bins by the entrance. Glass bottles are not allowed inside the area due to the risk of broken glass injuring tiny and large bare feets.

Combustible waste Diapers, sanitary napkins, cigarrette buts and similar.