Festival by Nämforsen

The time of year when the nights starts to get longer in the forests of northern Sweden, we re-light the fires that have been burning here for thousands of years. In the first weekend of August eight thousand people gather in the small village of Näsåker to enjoy music, dancing, poetry and love, in a beautiful landscape of forests, rivers and hills.

Urkult is an eco-friendly, folk and world music festival that has been around since 1995.
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Here's an inspiring article published in The Local the 29th Jul 2014! --> The Local

Photo Rowantree.se 2016


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Photo Rowantree.se 2016

Artwork by Jenny Isaksson 2017

Night of Fire

The Night of Fire takes place at midnight on Thursday. We get together around the main stage and from there we will witness a variety of artistic fires, dancing and magic. Urkult. Read more about the Night of Fire .

Photo Sture Marklund

Travel directly from Stockholm to Ådals-Lidens station in Näsåker. On the train we have live music and it's known for being a friendly and comfortable trip all the way to the festival! You will find more information here Home page of the Urkult train