The Market

Hi! Do you want to be an exhibitor at Urkults market during the festival? We want to develop the market supply and are therefore looking for different craftsmen, it may for example be an instrument maker, textile weavers, carpenters / wood carvers, blacksmith, sculptor, artist or other creative expression. We need no more jewelry manufacturers, as we already have a wide range. Interested? If so, send your application via the Market & Food, scroll down and click on the link Trade stall application 2017!

Urkult is striving to produce a festival that speaks for solidarity, people and the nature. That means that as far as it's possible the market-street inside the festival area and on the street outside is selling ecologically, locally produced and ethically product range. For us at Urkult it is very important to create a festival that leaves as few negative carbon footprints as possible. It is a challenge in a place where so many people are at the same time, and we couldn't do it without you. We need you with us in order to attain this, because together we can make it happen. We do not allow any goods that can seriously harm any humans, animals or the nature.

Market stalls on the street (outside festival area) are divided in sections of 3 metres to a cost of 2 200 SEK, use of electricity is optional to an additional costs of 550 SEK. One festival ticket is included in the price. Renting a market stall inside the festival area costs 2 750 SEK, electricity and two festival tickets are included. Camp-site is not included in any of the deals.
To apply fill out the form in the link below. Please note! Your application is binding! We will send you a confirmation by email or post 30th of April at the latest. In the confirmation we will let you know if you have been assigned a spot or not.

If you have been assigned a place but will not be able to come, Please, cancel as soon as possible as we have many market traders in queue. Unpaid invoices is not the same as cancellation. Please let us know!
If you cancel before the last due date on the invoice you will be refunded the whole cost for rental of market stall. After last pay date, but two weeks before the festival starts you will be refunded half the cost. If you cancel later than two weeks before the festival starts you will have to pay the full amount.
If you haven't cancelled and do not install yourself on your stall when the market opens you will still be charged full cost and we will rent the stall to someone else.

Trade stall application 2017!

For more information and questions send an email to marknaden[at]

The food

From the food stalls inside the festival area we demand that their goods are ecological. We also help them get in touch with local producers in order to get as much locally produced food as possible, Ecological food is produced without pesticides, this keeps the waters and the ground cleaner. By using local farmers the transportation gets shorter and we help promoting a living countryside in Norrland!

Do you want to sell food at Urkult? Mail to: mat[at]

This years food range

We have an ambition to have as many societies as possible selling food.
Urkult has it's own society and is selling pancakes at the festival since 2003. It's very popular for both kids and adults.
Apart from that Skogsnäs cultural society is selling falafel in pita bread, (vegan) and meatballs with mash.
The Vegan Kitchen (Veganköket) has a completely vegan menu, and glutten free alternatives. Both Skogsnäs and Veganköket are popular contributors since many years.
For meat eaters we have a stall that have both meat and fish with condiments on their menu.
And a pizza place that sells both pizzas and wraps for some years now.
And we will have a soup stall that offers sopu and bread, sandwiches, coffee and tea.