Night of fire

Takes place at midnight on Thursday

When the fires are lit a thousand years later, here at Nämforsen, you will experience an act with fires like you’ve never seen before. Every year we invite world class fire artist to put on a show. And we are happy to announce that Burnt Out punks Will do it this year.

Foto Love Malmqvist 2014


Night of fire is a time that brings people together. Thousands of visitors meet round the bit stage, sitting in the slopes, on the stairs, in the trees. Everyone has to sit very close to one another so that as many as possible can enjoy the show. Together we are experiencing something unique, something that creats fine memories in a place where people have gathered for years and years.

Burnt Out Punks

They lit the fire ten years ago now a decade later they will lit them again, but for the last time this time. After many miles touring Europe with their crazy punk show The Stockholm Syndrome they have finally arrived at their last stop. One last chance to explode in symbiosis with Näsåker and Urkult before the tour bus and the show retires for good.
Get ready for a pyrotechnical orgasm, impossible breakaways, chainsaw madness and a big portion of humour prepped with a lot of love. As a part of the spicy mix we are preparing all visitors to grab a seat in front for the best view. Cus it’s is going to get tight.