Night of fire - during 2016

This year Urkult is proud to present Act of Emotion and Mimie Märak to open the festival of 2016, at the Night of fire ceremony. They promise a unique mix of artistic fires, dance acts and magic combined with politics, punk and poetry.

When the fires are lit a thousand years later, here at Nämforsen, you will experience a show with fires like you’ve never seen before. The group Act of Emotion made their debut show in 2012, but they have a decade of experience together, producing amazing shows that really makes a difference. This year, Act of Emotion have an exclusive collaboration with the artist Mimie Märak. So be prepared for an amazing show!

Mimie Märak

Mimie Märak is a Sami, a native inhabitant from north of Sweden. Mimie is also a feminist and queer activist fighting for the Sami peoples rights. She believes in building bridges and takes a great responsibility in using them. She turns the stage into barricades, she unites different art forms with activism the same way she unites people who are at battle. Backed by all her sisters, her family, feminism and a steady gaze to the very north of Sweden she delivers fiery speeches to everyone - but she would never do art to fulfill the expectations from the masses.

Foto Love Malmqvist 2014

Foto Mattias Lundblad 2010

Act of Emotion

Act of Emotion invites you to a magic melt down of dance and artistic fires that leaves nobody unaffected. It will be stylish and explosive - a memory for life.