Common questions

How do I buy tickets?
The earlier you buy them, the cheaper they are! For more information, go to the tickets page. Please note that the site is in Swedish. The tickets can also be bought on the festival site. .
Se mer information om Tickets.
If you don´t want to buy a ticket, you can apply for volunteering Volunteer!

How to stay at Urkult?
You will have to book your own accommodation. During the festival there will be quite a few camping areas available in and around Näsåker There is also the possibility to stay in private homes. First come first served! For more information see our page on Camping & Accommodations.Read more at Camping Info for more information.

Is there food available?
At the festival area you will find a and a variety of great ecological food. In the village there are two grocery stores, a café and a pizzeria called Flintabaren.

Is it possible tho use the mobile phone?
Here in Näsåker it is the operator Telia who covers the north of Sweden. Due to the fact that many people are using the network during the festival you will most likely find it difficult to use your mobile. Our advice is to set up meeting places with your friends/family. >You will be able to charge your phone at Markusgården. There you can use Wifi but only for short moments..

foto © Jenny Staaf, Näsåker 2013

Is there a cash point?
Cash is the way to pay here at Urkult so be sure to bring some before you arrive.There are a few ways to withdraw cash in Näsåker. Inside the festival area there is a cash point but please note that you might not always be able to withdraw from there. You will be able to pay with card at the main entrance and at the place where you get your coins to buy alcohol.

Is Urkult accessible?
Urkult is placed in a beautiful location, unfortunately the accessibility is limited at some places. Find more information at Tillgänglighet.

Can I bring my dog ​​to the festival?
It is not allowed to bring a dog in to the venue. For the dog's sake, do not bring it to Urkult.

How is it with alcohol at the festival?
We have a license to serve beer, wine and cider at the festival and with applies certain laws and regulations. You can not bring your own alcohol to the venue. Glass bottles are not allowed.

Where can I park?
During the festival a roadblock is put up by the church. To be able to pass you will need a permit, this you will get at Markusgården (during the festival) or at Urkult office (before the festival). During the festival there is a temporary parking ban in the village and along the road down the hill. This is so that rescue service and ambulance can get through. Parking fines are put on any car that is parked in the wrong place. The best alternative is to park at the big parking lot between the church and the road 90, close to Sigge's Camping. Parking fee is 50 SEK per day.

Lost and found items
Any found items is handed in at Markusgården or at the information desk inside the festival area.After the festival we hand in wallets and mobile phones to the local police office in Sollefteå. Anything else will be held at Urkult office in Näsåker.