Solidarity Square

A small place for big topics. Solidarity is a natural part of Urkult. This is why we have created a place for important causes on the Solidarity Square at the heart of the festival area. Many different organisation are gathered here, they all work with topics like sustainable development, democracy and solidarity. It's a smorgasbord of activities, information and exhibitions. Look out for the films, the workshops and seminars during the festival!

Do you want to take part at the Solidarity Square at Urkult 2017?

The Solidarity Square is a meeting point where we discuss topics like peace, the environment and solidarity right at the heart of the festival. We hope that you want to help us put together and create this meeting point with us during the festival which is held 3 to 5 of August.

If you are an organisation you’ll have the opportunity to hold a program but there are limited spots for this. During the program time (around 60 minutes) you will be able to show movies, slides or hold a lecture. To do this you need to get back to us on 7th of April the latest. After that we will select the program holders.

As a participant at the Solidarity Square you are expected to be active focusing on communication and discussions. There will be open spots to have shorter appearances like speeches, ceremonies, singing and live music.

Important dates! 7th of April is the last day for the chance to take part in the program.

Contact Helena Eriksson and Olle de Vahl soltorget[at]

Photo © Sture Marklund

Foto Benny Borell

Films and lectures at Markusgården

Take part in the bigger discussions.

Come by and see what the organisations are doing at the Solidarity Square or why not visit Markusgården cinema where we are showing interesting films and this is where lectures will take place on stage!

Foto benny Borell