The Music

This information is for 2017


  • Alice Francis

    Get ready for some glitter n’ glamour as this vibrant songstress takes the stage like a modern Josephine Baker. Yes she is back with her band at Urkult where they played in 2014. Since then they have been on a world tour for three years and played with acts like Alicia Keys, Erykah Badu and Public Enemy. Still they managed to put together a full length album so get ready for modern swing, jazz beats in a sweet blend of hip hop and electronica. Alice Francis
  • Anna Fält

    Info coming soon... @ Foto Jerry Pedersen
  • Beverly "Guitar" Watkins & The King Bees

    She isn’t called “Queen of Blues” for no reason this charismatic musician, who has played blues in over six decades and still going strong at the age of 79. Beverly has played with many known male musicians like James Brown, B.B King and ray Charles but she has rightfully made her own name in the blues world. She was introduced at a very young age, started playing in a band at high school. She is said to live a rock’n’roll life, putting up a show by playing with the guitar over her head. Be sure not to miss this! Beverly Watkins
    Beverly "Guitar" Watkins III
  • Brincadeira

    The drum beating group Brincadeira is back at Urkult. Known for making engaging shows, that are fast paced and incredibly passionate. The group have been around since 2004 and have through the years experimented with drum skills both as performance but also in workshops. They also hold courses for youths to spread their knowledge further and inspire. Look out for their drum course at Urkult as well! Brincadeira
  • Folks of Bengal

    These talented musicians have come together for a show especially for Urkult! They will play on the Urkult train as well as on stage but they will also have a workshop showing their different types of instruments. The musicians in Folks of Bengal comes from different parts of West Bengal in India and have performed all over the world. Get ready for some groovy indian music with a lot of singing and interesting instruments. The type of music that always have a given place at Urkult so that people can get on the dance floor and shake it out.Folks of Bengal
  • Ifriqiyya Electrique

    This started as a multimedia project made in the desert of Tozeur in Tunisia. Where french musicians came together with Sufi musicians who play a ritual kind of trance music called Banga. The project started with a purpose of preserving this ancient tunisian music tradition, but also by making it more modern again adding guitar rhythms and electronica. The music is trance-like and captivating and according to the tradition it’s also healing and creates a community. The project went on for months where the french team followed the Banga community and filmed processions and rituals. It all came together in a music road movie that also lead to the start of Ifriqiyya Èlectrique. @ photo Renaud de Foville Ifriqiyya Èlectrique
    Renaud de Foville
  • Jord

    This band has it’s strong identity from Tornedalen, a place in north of Sweden and the songs are sung in a minority language called meänkieli. The music is built on their vocals and instruments with lots of traditional tunes but also influences from around the world. Jord is four people with strong characteristic voices that invites the audience, it’s heartwarming and it’s playful. It’s a story telling from the beginning to the end.Jord
  • Kristina Issa

    Kristina Issa did an impressive music show called Arabic Spring in Näsåker early 2016. Now she is back with her band and a newly released album in the baggage. Issa is from Syria and the album is dedicated to the war, it’s about the human fate, about missing one’s homeland, a place, it’s about happiness and sadness. Strong lyrics combined with impressive drum sound, a dirty harp and dramatic horns. Kristina Issa
  • Martha Tilston

    This enchanting songbird (from UK) is revisiting Urkult with her enigmatic presence, born and raised by talented musicians her influencers are as clear as the blue sky. Martha writes songs that are filled with questions about our existence, our duties on this earth, the nature and humanity. Her voice is her signum, clear and profound, it takes hold of you and it stays with you. She plays a mix of folk and country, acoustic, electronica and banjo that will send good loving vibes to the world and the people so just stand back and receive. Martha Tilston
  • Ol' Jansa Göran Månsson & Friends

    This group has come together to make a tribute to a swedish pipe player called Olof Jönsson or Ol’ Jansas as they called him back between 1867 - 1953. In this unique constellation you will experience pipe playing together with the japanese national instrument the Koto in innovative and creative interpretations. They will also release the album in august. This concert is organised by Kulturflödet.
    Göran Månsson med musiker
  • Siska

    Siska or Sista K which is her artist name in the grupp Watcha Clan who plays a mix of genres like reggae, dub and electronica and sings in five languages. They also played at Urkult 2008. Siska is her solo project and her latest album “A Woman’s Tale” is said to show of great artistic growth with lyrics that are both personal and intimate. She has a strong but fragile voice that really gets to you, accompanied with soft trip hop beats and modern soul it is sure to be a hit. And just like the sun is shining she will light up a stage by pine trees and steep hills.@ Photo Stef Durel Siska
    photo Stef durel
  • Stella Gonis

    She is a singer and dancer and she plays the bèlè drums this charismatic artist, from Martinique in eastern Caribbean sea. Stella Gonis was rocked by the ancient rhythms at an early age her career started in a choir both as a chorister and soloist. Today she plays music with a mix of traditional and world music together with the rhythm of the bèlè drum. A fiery show is promised as Stella and her musicians and dancers take the stage to deliver a Caribbean atmosphere guaranteed. Don´t miss her workshop in bèlè dancing! @ Photo f.Thaly Stella Gonis
    Photo Atrium (c) F.Thaly
  • Trad.Attack

    It was supposed to be a fun project when these three got together, but in reality they turned everything upside down on the estonian music scene. Three years later they band has won over ten music prizes, played in over twenty countries and released a critically acclaimed album. Trad.Attack play their own interpretation of estonian folk, a fusion of rock, folk and bagpipe sound. But without compromising the traditional inheritance. Look out for their new album “Shímmer Gold” out this year. Trad.Attack
  • Ulrika Boden med Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall

    Ulrika is a popular local artist and has recently released her latest album Te berga blå which is a tribute to the traditional herding calls that was carried by the women. Ulrika will perform with the trio Ahlberg, Ek & Roswall who played here last year. Together they create a great teamwork combining with folk music, melodies and powerful herding calls in a beautiful symphony. Ulrika Bodén
  • Vassvik

    Experience a sound performance out of the ordinary when a mix of joik together with modern strings and his frame drum enters the stage. You can feel the connection to the nature, the music is melancholic and enchanting even mythical with traditional sami folk music in the background. Vassvik is innovative and modern with his way of delivering the joik through experimental vocals. He will take you on a sound journey beyond the usual, it is said to be magical.© Photo Peter Bothén Vassvik
    ©Peter Bothén
  • Yellow Sisters

    This a capella group from the Czech Republic has truly found their melody, a fine blend of jazz, funk, r’n’b and world music. Their style is original and real, with fine harmonies and interesting combinations each voice has it’s own specific role, add a male beatbox to it and you have a perfect match. They write their own songs which reflects on their lives, travels and being a woman. They are also known for working with human rights. © Foto Martin Faltus Yellow Sisters
  • Ane Brun

    The norwegian artist Ane Brun is constantly progressing. She has released six albums and the latest “When I’m Free” released last year is said to be the most compelling and strong album thus far. Ane started her own record company over ten years ago and her own label at the same time. This gives her the space to explore her musical journey in her own way. On her latest album she sings about the women who fought for the right to vote, it is clean and simple yet enchanting and beautiful, powerful and dreamy.Ane Brun
  • Beches Brew

    They could probably be the “best band in the world” playing a mix of country & eastern with as they say “other music”, making it hard to place them in a specific genre. Beches Brew is a loose mix of musicians that come together in different forms. The group went to India for a year long music project playing along side with known south and north Indian musicians. In 2016 they came to Sweden to tour together and from the live sessions an album came alive that will be released just before Urkult. .© photo: Lukas Stark Beches Brew
  • Bridget & Leif

    Bridget Marsden and Leif Ottosson has a great teamwork that invites the listener to innovative interpretations of the nordic folk music. The duo came together in 2009 and in 2015 they released the critically acclaimed album Mountain Meeting. They are two bright stars with original compositions, exploring the soundscape in a musical storytelling. With a violin and accordion they will take you on a journey that will surprise even the most loyal folk music listener. © foto: Agnes Stenlund Bridget & Leif
  • FastPoHolmen

    This fav band is returning to Urkult, known as the swinging big band from southern region of Sweden and who plays a sweet mix of folk, reggae, electronica, indie pop and jazz. Since the start in 2007 they have released 3 albums, the latest last year which takes them out on a much awaited tour and a welcome back to the mystic forests of Ångermanland. FastPoHolmen
  • Harpreet & Sanskriti

    These two young artists both have their roots in the north Indian music tradition. But they didn’t meet there but in Norway where they both now live. Harpreet is born in Norway and is the first who has done a Masters degree in North Indian music. Sanskriti on the other hand came to Norway in 2010 to study at the same school, she is one of the youngest in Nepal to play tablas. Their repertoire is wide and discovers the different music styles from classical ragas to folk music from Punjab and Nepal. Harpreet & Sanskriti
  • Ill Wicker

    Ill Wicker (Sweden) is a folk rock group from Gothenburg. Their latest album Untamed from 2016 has been labelled as one of the hottest of the year. Their music takes you back to the acid folk and psychedelic era without losing their own identity. Ill Wicker is tight and dynamic, with vocal and instrumental passages that are like their own fairy tales. It's magical and mesmerising and it's a perfect place to have them play in mythical surroundings.Ill Wicker

  • Kajsa Grytt

    She started her career as a singer, guitar player and songwriter in the Swedish punk band Tant Strul in the eighties, but has been a solo artist since 1990. During the years she has released no less than eleven albums, written four books and five plays. Kajsa is a composer and musician but also a writer. She is known for writing honestly and very personal, not afraid of taking on topics like sexuality, greed and being unexposed as a human being. She is still a punk icon for many, she is a woman constantly on the move.© Photo Knotan Kajsa Grytt
  • Kumbia Queers

    These wild punk girls Kumbia Queers from Argentina are promising 1000% Tropi-punk a crazy mix of Afro-Cuban and Latin American influences together with punk and queerness as they enter the stage. The band came together as a reaction against the stale boring rock scene in Latin America. Their songs are full of irony and love with a big portion of humour and political resistance. Get ready for a true punk show for Kumbia Queers delivers maximal energy, and you will not be able to stand still.Kumbia Queers
  • New Tide Orquesta

    This Swedish group of chamber musicians celebrated their twentieth anniversary last year. Through the years they’ve played at everything from russian rock clubs to concert halls in Shanghai. Music that is everything from modern minimalism, argentine tango and classical baroque. Still they never seem to stop exploring and renewing themselves, it is with a youthful playfulness they take on new challenges. © Foto Miki Anagrius New Tide Orquesta
    NEW TIDE ORQUESTA_A2_300dpi_sRGB_Miki.Anagrius
  • Rim

    Rim is a collaboration between four young musicians from the northern parts of Scandinavia. They presents a groovy and delicate sound: dance melodies combined with improvisation and their own vivid compositions. In a lively conversation the musicians alternate between solistic inputs and close interplay. Their scenic performance is versatile with movement, voices, dancing and storytelling. @ Photo Agnes Stuber Rim
    Rim photo by Agnes Stuber J0657 Web
  • Sofia Jannok

    Sofia Jannok (SWE) is a current topic of today, an activist fighting for human rights and the climate. She is a spokesperson for her own people, Sápmi, situated in north of Sweden. She delivers political messages with sincerity and humbleness, Sofia has a strong presence on stage and her music is a cool mix of pop, jojk ( a traditional way of singing) and spoken word. Her voice is spirited and enchanting which will make the fir trees sway. This is truly an artist that has got something important to say and she is true to her heart and her people.©press photo Sofia Jannok

  • Symbio

    They won Newcomer of the year at the Folk- and World music gala in Sweden 2016. Their shows have been celebrated both in Sweden and internationally. Symbio play non-traditional folk music that is full of surprises, two highly competent musicians that master their instruments and invites you to a magnificent musical trip. With their hurdy gurdy combined with accordion you can expect a mix of modern folk and electronic club music, intertwined with sounds from the middle east in a unique combination.Symbio
  • Tzeitel

    Klezmer is a traditional music style that jewish folk musicians played in East- and Central Europe up until second world war, after that it has spread over the world. The Swedish trio Tzeitel have played together since 2007 and their music has it’s foundation from the klezmer tradition. it is catchy two beat, melodic and sorrowful, emotional and moving. The band released their second album in 2014 and is recurrently on tour in Sweden and Scandinavia. © Photo Johanna Hedborg Tzeitel
  • United Vibrations

    A group of young musicians from Brixton in south London, who are inspired by artists like Bob Marley, Fela Kuti and Talking Heads. United Vibrations plays a mix of styles from the world like funk, afrobeat, and electronica. They say that it’s hard to be unique today since all music comes from something previous still it’s hard to place them in a typical genre. This band is known for their commitment to the community of south London by letting all profits go to building eco homes in the community. This is a funky fun group that will get the dancefloor moving for sure! © Foto Samuel Hicks United Vibrations
    United_Vibrations_11.03.20164017 Photo Credit Samuel Hicks
  • Vieux Farka Toure

    Although he is the son to the internationally renowned artist Ali Farka Touré, Vieux has created his own career and has trailed his own path. His curiosity for music has resulted in a personal mix of malian blues, funk, reggae and rock. The latest album Samba is said to be the most mature album thus far, and has songs dedicated to his parents, grandparents and his sister. It’s about family and traditions, to grow up in a good environment. But also about politics, about explorations of the natural resources that destroys the planet. Vieux Farka Touré