Trad.Attack! to perform in all EU countries in honour of Estonia’s centenary

2018 will mark one hundred years since the establishment of the Republic of Estonia. This will be
the greatest and grandest event in Estonia’s history. The international programme will be launched
in the second half of 2017 when Estonia holds the Presidency of the Council of the EU and will
continue throughout 2018 as part of Estonia’s centenary celebrations.

Estonian band Trad.Attack! will celebrate these important historic milestones in their country’s
history by presenting its unique modern vision of traditional Estonian folk music in all EU member

The concert tour will run from 1 July 2017 to 31 December 2018, taking the band’s fresh approach
and energetic performances to the Kaustinen Festival in Finland, the Rudolstadt Festival in Germany
among many other festivals and venues. The schedule of concerts to be held in all EU countries will
be announced and updated on Trad.Attack! web page.

The band has already played in 26 countries around the globe, becoming literally Estonia’s visiting
card, calling up keen interest of the audience around the world to their country and its culture.
According to Trad.Attack!’s guitarist, Jalmar Vabarna, the repertoire of Trad.Attack! consists
exclusively of Estonian music, including some archival recordings which are about 100 years old. “At
our concerts we always share facts about Estonian music archives, old times singing mothers and
music traditions. As part of the tour, workshops will be held on Estonia, traditional music and folk
instruments to publicise Estonia as a mystical and enticing country where traditions are held in high
esteem. We want to dedicate this concert tour especially to two historic milestones in our country’s
history – Estonia’s centenary and Estonia’s role as holder of the Presidency of the EU, as we plan to
bring our music to all EU states.”

Trad.Attack!’s European concert tour was selected as one of the projects to receive funding from
Estonia 100 as part of the Estonia 100 and EU Presidency joint international program that will include
events to promote Estonia abroad in 2017 and 2018.