Urkult 2020 is cancelled

It is an incredibly hard decision to cancel this years festival, and it is with a heavy heart that we are announcing this. Our vision all along has been to chose the path of love and hope and now we have realized that the most loving decision is to cancel Urkult 2020. 

For the past 25 years the Urkult festival has place for people to meet among the pine trees sharing love, incredible music and dance. Before that, the area has been a meeting place for thousands of years

How can you help?

We are now working to safeguard the future of Urkult. Throughout the years we have created a financial buffer that gives us a solid foundation to survive a challenging year like this. The buffer will now, however, be spent little by little. Many people have requested a way to support Urkult. So to make 2021 the best festival ever there is now an opportunity to contribute with any amount through the app Swish to this number: 1235347729. Any contribution is welcome. If you don’t have the app, don´t worry, you will be able to support us in other ways in the future.

We understand that for many the visit to Urkult is a yearly tradition. For the sake of solidarity we all need to defy the gravitational pull from our festival site and not travel here around the festival weekend. The site will be closed for visitors. Together we need to protect our communities and those who are the most vulnerable during this pandemic.

Our hearts are set on creating the best festival ever in 2021. Until then we hope that the warmth and love from 25 years of Urkult will warm your heart and keep the fire burning inside each and everyone of us. 

Love from the Urkult team

Photo by Ida Olsson

Tickets for Urkult 2021 will be released in the autumn of 2020


Urkult Lärkvägen 1, 880 30 Näsåker