Chau Dance for beginners

The Chau dance is a vibrant, colourful and vigorous form of dance drama emerging from martial practice. In this class you will get the chance to learn the dance and movement of Chau dance and time to feel the rhythm in your body and soul. The performers are musicians and mysticists who traveled and spread music and dance in the Bengal, south of India. In modern times most of them live resident but they are still travelers who want to connect with other cultures and people. Part of experiencing the Chau is that it sensitizes your mind for other people and cultures in the world. The Chau dance is traditionally exclusively performed by men but everyone is of course welcome. We will dance barefoot and in tune to our personal physical conditions but note that high level acrobatic movements will occur!

Where & when: Markusgårdens A-sal, saturday at 10-12 & 14-16

Registration is at the festival office at Markusgården.


Next festival is held 30/7-1/8 2020


Urkult Lärkvägen 1, 880 30 Näsåker