Daniel Wikslund & Samuel Lundström

Daniel Wikström & Samuel Lundström

Last year’s open stage offered a great diversity of musical talents. Standing out among the crowd were Daniel Wikslund and Samuel Lundström with their band. We can now proudly present them as this year’s winners of our open stage challenge. Sweden’s northernmost national fiddlers invite you to a concert with traditional Swedish polka’s, snappy lyrics and winding waltzes, an exciting journey to the world of music and stories. With a wooden pedal organ, two flirtatious violins, drums, double bass and a quartet of versatile talents from Sweden’s northernmost county, we embark on a musical Cossack march. Prepare for a meeting between the traditional sing and songwriter poetry and the beautiful hearts of the audience. Everything is completely true, or at least likely, when Daniel Wikslund, Samuel Lundström, Kääjk Burman and Johannes Parbring enter the stage with tones from the very north of Sweden and the rest of the world.


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16 May 2023