A combination of traditional Norwegian folk music and explosive progressive rock will immerse you in a feeling of ancient tales.
The two siblings that make out the foundation of this band have created a timeless sound with traditional violins, medieval drums, heavy chants, and folk singing.
Gåte was founded by the Sundli siblings – Sveinung and Gunnhild – in 1999 and the band had one of their first concerts at Urkult which they’ve since shared made a strong impression on them and further inspired the band on their journey.

As they are only doing two festivals in total this summer, this one will be a particularly exclusive show.
We have a feeling that Gåtes songs will interact with Näsåkers trees and waters as if they were a product of these surroundings themselves.
We can’t wait to have them on our stage again.


Posted on

24 February 2022