La Porteña Tango

La Porteña Tango foto Chema Tejeda

La Porteña proposes a modern and renewed show where music, dance and stories are intertwined in a range of deep emotions, mischief and humor. A show that invites us to stroll along a winding path that runs through the history of Argentian tango. A path which takes you on a journey to a genre that was humbly born in the suburbs and ports of Río de La Plata and transcended to the world by its own power, almost without even trying. La Porteña Tango let their musical expression stem from the fundamental precepts of Tango and creates a coexistence between their presentations of the old classics and modern sounds. The music and powerful vocals are embellished by beautiful dance choreography that gives life to the poetry of Bueno Aires in an expressive, colorful dance number.

Photo Chema Tejeda


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31 January 2023