Louisa Lyne & di Yiddishe Kapelye

Louisa Lyne

It was not the upbringing in Härnösand that made Louisa Lyne fall in love with the jewish traditions but the lust and burning interest that arose when she first heard the music. Together with the skillful musicians in di Yiddishe Kapelye they create a warm and sentimental atmosphere where Louisas strong and charismatic voice incarnates stories about melancholy and joys of life.
The music has along the years become all the more groundbreaking and filled by surprises. The reviews have beem overwhelming and the success has led to several international awards and nominations. They’ve brought the klezmer back into the present and and out to the big audiences.

Louisa Lyne, song
Edin Bahtijaragic, accordion & cajon
Pernille Rømer, contrabass
Anna Thorstensson, cello
Irina Binder, violin
Anders Thorén, piano, song & guitar

VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cP3HzqexVgo


Posted on

10 June 2022