Radiant Arcadia (cancelled)

It is with great joy that we welcome Radiant Arcadia to Urkult – an all women-orchestra with roots in many different parts of the world and musical traditions. Radiant Arcadia will share with you a fusion of genres and folk music traditions –  From nordic & celtic folk music, jewish klezmer, bulgarian chant and arabic maqam to sufi qawwali, mongolian overtone and opera and pakistani qawwali. Radiant Arcadia is a multicultural orchestra, performing their music in 14 different languages, where the different cultural and religious backgrounds of the band members influence and reflect their music. The chemistry, collaboration and affection between the artists creates a unique concert experience. Radiant Arcadia are very much ambassadors for cross cultural collaborations and a breathtaking and vibrant act that will open your heart and warm your soul!


Posted on

11 July 2022