Ramy Essam

ramy essam

Rock artist and human rights defender Ramy Essam is considered to be a very powerful voice of today. His resilient journey from the hub of the Egyptian revolution to the international stages has included viral hits and awards as well as moments of struggle. Ramy’s music can be described as rock with Egyptian flavor and hip hop influences, inspired by hard rock and grunge. He sings in both Egyptian Arabic and English. With his background in being the voice of the streets of his country, Ramy today stands for social justice and human rights worldwide. Ramy has been awarded prizes both for his music and his activism, one of his biggest viral songs is about the fight for women’s rights, a song about imprisoned women and gender equality. Ramy has a newly released electronic rock album called Metgharabiin (Outsiders).

Photo Sanni Kahilainen


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21 March 2023