Valkyrien Allstars

Valkyrien Allstars foto Øystein Etterlid

One of our all-time favorites returns to Urkult with their glowing and energetic liveshow. Valkyrien Allstars music sails between traditional Norwegian folk melodies, acoustic folk rock, ambient folk, ballads, folk pop and singing. After 15 years together, they have created a characteristic sound in constant renewal. The beautiful sound of the norwegian traditional violin “hardangerfelan”, the rhythmics of the drums and a wide palette of soundscapes toghether with the singer Tuva Syvertsen’s distinctive voice, creates a mesmerizing atmosphere offers the heart to dance. Nostalgic! Warming! A folkdance twirl of eternal love and mysteries arises as this quartet meets the audience with their sparkling interplay. Summer night at its best!

Photo Øystein Etterlid


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31 January 2023