Information is for 2016. Urkult offers more that just world wide music, during the festival you are welcome to join many different courses and activities. But some of these course and shows can only take a limited amount of guests, to these you will have to sign up in advance to reserve your spot. But many are also open for everyone. Some activities are free whilst some come at a cost between 20 SEK - 150 SEK. All information regarding prices and availability is listed together with the course/activity.

Tickets to the theater's for children costs 20SEK. You can pay for this next to the Circus tent one hour before the course/show starts.

Course bookings can be made here on the homepage from the 1st of June until Friday 29th of July at 2 pm. After that the booking will close for a few days. Then from Wednesday 3rd of August the course booking will reopen but his time at Markusgården in Näsåker.
The bookings are now open to courses where you have to book in advance. You will find the link next to each course.
The course fees are 150 SEK and shoud be paid at Markusgården 1 hour before course starts at the latest. If you haven't paid your spot in time this will become available for others. Any last minute spots will be released at Markusgården one hour before course starts.

During the festival you will find information about any changes regarding courses and activities. This information will be found at Markusgården. Please note that the courses are only available for festival visitors. This years activities and courses are now booked and done please scroll down to find them.
Please read here aktiviteter utanför Urkults regi.

foto © Jenny Staaf

Välj vad du vill visa

  • Automata workshop

    Build an automaton. This years handicraft workshop is visited by Fi Hensdal, an automata artist from the south of England, together with her and the other workshop leaders you will be guided into the world of moving work of art. Automata are mechanical sculptures that are driven by cams or cranks connected to a handle. In the craft workshop we will build simple mechanical sculptures out of wood, cardboard, wire and some other stuff. Let your imagination run wild, make your sculptures and installations come alive! Children under 10 to be accompanied by adults.
  • Body percussion with Brincaderia

    Brincadeira invites you to a different and creative percussion course. The group has over the years acquired a great medium to create a dynamic course for all audiences. For Brincadeira movements and expressions are the most important tools to create and detect the first stages of percussion and rhythms. In this course, participants will use their own body for percussion and with different rhythmic figures weave different songs into the bodily expression.
  • Skinframeboat workshop

    During the daytime and into the evening there will be held an open workshop at the festival site for those who want to take part of the ancient knowledge of boat building. Early skin boats evolved in prehistoric times for hunting and fishing. Animal skins were used to cover a skeletal framework of bones or wood, these boats could carry one or two people and have been used all over the world. These include the seal skin kayaks of Greenland, Currachs of Ireland and the Celtic nations and the early saami watercraft of the North. David Hart is a Traditional skills tutor from Cornwall in the UK and lives on a boat. He has been building and using skin on frame boats for the past 14 years, replacing the original animal hide with canvas and tar. David will be building a skin on frame boat over the course of the festival with our local Salix. With many hands she may even float before the end.....
  • Bele dance movements with Stella Gonis

    Stella Gonis and her group invite you to a course in bélé dance. You will learn some traditional moves from different kinds of bèlè-song dances that are the origin of several popular Martiniquan styles. The bélé dance is a dialog where the drummer, singer and dancers are communicating through the music. The "bèlè" itself is a huge tambour drum, other elements is the"tibwa" (two wooden sticks) played on a length of bamboo, "chacha" (maracas), "lavwa" (singer), "lavwa deye" (choir or "answer") and of course the dancers! Come let your body get mezmerised by the rythms!
    Photo Atrium (c) F.Thaly
  • English/ UK folksong with Martha Tilston

    Singer and Songwriter Martha Tilston is performing on the Urkult stage again and we are happy to have an opportunity to invite Urkult visitors to join a course in English folk singing. Martha is the daughter of the folk legend Steve Tilston and stepdaughter of Irish folk performer legend Maggie Boyle.Traditional folk song has been a strong thread throughout her family's musical traditions yet even when Martha explores other genres with here music, she always carries the essence of english folk close to her heart. In this course she will teach you a couple of traditional folksongs, explore singing techniques and look at how to tell a story through the folk song. You will also get to hear about the singing, the histories and subjects reflecting this tradition.
    Martha Tilston live by Jack Ladenburg HiRes 9 b&w