Urkult is hosted in a scenic area where the accessibility in some places is limited.

You can read more about accessibility at our festival down below.

Information about the festival Area

The festival is located in an area with lots of grass and pine trees. It is quite a hilly area but with prepared trails and gravel paths that makes for easier accessibility. The path to the festival area is paved. 
Unfortunately there is certain risk for flat tires. If you use a wheelchair, permobil, or any other wheel driven mobility device we recommend you bring spare parts in case of an accident. 
An accessibility inventory has been made of Näsåker and it can be downloaded and read as a PDF.

Traffic and parking

During the festival there is a temporary parking ban along the roads to prohibit the impediment of potential emergency transport. The best alternative is to use the big parking lot, which is meant for visitors and situated only about 700 meters from the festival area – between the church and Highway 90. There is plenty of space here and only costs about 50 Swedish crowns per day. Car traffic is banned in and around the festival with exceptions of certain cases, for example in cases where people with mobility disabilities are to be picked up and dropped off as close to the entrance as possible.


There are three toilets inside the festival area that are suited for disabled people; two close to the entrance and one by the Sun Stage (behind the information shed). The last one is a type of porta-potty. In addition to these there is one at Markusgården in the heart of the village.

Escorts and assistants

Visitors can receive one free pass in case they are in need of a personal assistant or escort that are on duty during the visit. Contact our office for more information.

Guide dogs

Dogs are not allowed in the festival area, with the exception of guide dogs.


Healthcare services are available 24/7 at Navet which is situated by the festival entry.


Näsåker is a small village which makes accommodation one of our greatest challenges. However there are many pop-up camping sites during the festival. Look at our page Camping and Accommodation for more information. 


Photo Olivia Modalen


In the heart of Näsåker you can find the Festival Reception at Markusgården which is located behind the grocery store Coop Nära. Here you can find information, sign up to courses and workshops, buy festival programs and visit the café. There is also a accessible toilet in the building. If you are already inside the festival area you can go to an information booth near the Sun Stage for information.


The Main Stage that is located in the natural amphitheater is accessible via stairs that have been built on the slopes or via the gravel road that goes down by the side of the stage. There is also a wooden plateau by the edge of the slope with a nice view of the stage that is meant for wheelchair borne visitors.
The so-called Sun Stage is a smaller stage by the food and information sheds above the same slopes that go down to the Main Stage.
The Dance Lodge has ramps that lead through the entryways and benches along the inside walls. The church is also easily accessed if you are wheelchair borne and there are hearing loops in the church for the one who needs it.

Premises for courses, workshops and other activities

Visitors can participate in courses, movie-screenings, lectures and other activities that are located in different places during the festival. The cinema salon at Markusgården has a tilted floor and no stairs which makes it easily accessed by wheelchair. If you wish to do so, please note the Festival Reception so we can reserve a suitable place for you ahead of the screening. The Parish Home is located by a paved road and has a ramp leading to the entryway. If you wish to participate in courses and have any special needs just let us know when you sign up for the activity and we will do our best to facilitate you.


Contact us if you have any questions or suggestions of how we can improve our accessibility at Urkult.