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Urkult age limits

Adult 18+       Youth 15–17 years       Senior 65+       Kids under 15 get free entrance


The festival ticket is valid throughout the whole festival, August 4–6. Night of Fire is included!

Ticket prices
The earlier you purchase your ticket, the cheaper it gets!

June 1st to festival

Adult 1 000 SEK, Youth 700 SEK, Senior 700 SEK

At the entrance

Adult 1 100 SEK, Youth 800 SEK, Senior 800 SEK



The Night of Fire ticket is valid all day Thursday, August 4th.

Available from June 1st

Adult 400 SEK, Youth 300 SEK, Senior 300 SEK



One day tickets are valid during one day, Friday 5th or Saturday 6th of August.
Ticket can only be redeemed same day as you wish to use it.

Available from June 1st

Adult 600 SEK, Youth 400 SEK, Senior 400 SEK


What do I do if I’m prevented from attending the festival?

You can resell your tickets via Tickster Resale if you were to become unwell or otherwise prevented from attending the festival. Tickster Resale is a service where you can sell and purchase tickets from other private individuals in a safe and easy manner. We strongly advise against selling or buying tickets on any other platform than Tickster Resale. This is due to the risk of fraudsters that might try to sell false tickets.
Tickster also offer insurance that you can buy separately via MySafety. The event insurance will repay the cost of the ticket to the person who is prevented from attending the festival due to sickness, the sickness of a family member, delayed trains or even due to a no-show babysitter.

What about if I’m not vaccinated?

If you’re not vaccinated there are still certain national guidelines to follow. That’s your own responsibility. We can only hope for the best!

Answers to usual questions

Please read more under Questions & Answers.


Avoid long queues and redeem your festival tickets on Wednesday.


Wednesday 12:30–10:30 PM
Thursday to Saturday: 12:30–00:30 AM


Thursday 05:00 PM–02:30 AM
Friday to Saturday: 12:30–02:30 AM

Photo Per-Johan Nylund

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