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A wide arrange of fair products


We have high standards when it comes to our what is being sold at our markets

Everything inside the area “Urkults Fair Market” meets Urkults requirements so that you as a consumer can be sure that the product you buy is produced in a fair and environmentally conscious way.

We strive to produce a festival that echoes solidarity with both people and the environment. The Market does this by making sure that our sellers have good products that are quality crafts, organic or locally farmed and ethical. Urkult strives to leave the smallest carbon footprint possible. It is of course a challenge at a place where so many people gather at the same time. That is why we’d like to remind our visitors that we couldn’t do it without you. And that we are deeply grateful for the respect our visitors show these surroundings during the festival


Photo Marie Hammarsten

Do you have a good product or craft you want to sell at our market? We still have openings at our market and you can register your interest by clicking at the link below:


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Everything is organic inside the festival area

High quality produce gives high quality food. To sell food inside the festival area we demand that the food vendors use organic produce. If needed we help them get in contact with local farmers to increase the amount of locally farmed products. This in turn results in fewer and shorter transports and promotes a flourishing countryside.

We have been selling our own pancakes inside the festival area since 2003 and have done so to give all of the children that visit us an option on the menu that they most likely recognize and love.


Photo Felicia Jiborn

Information to food vendors inside the festival area:

Urkult sets high standards for the food sold inside the area. Edibles must be organic, preferably locally produced – we are happy to help mediate contact with local producers.

Do you want to sell food at Urkult 2024? Register your interest at the following link:

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