Be a volunteer

We couldn't do it without you!

Every year around 600 volunteers are joining us at Urkult to help build a festival. Together we make sure the festival becomes a reality. Thanks to all good souls we can continue year after year. To do volunteering at Urkult is often described as a little bit intense, a little crazy and immensely joyful. You will meet so many people and you might even discover some unknown talents of your own.

As a volunteer you will be placed in a work group, like security, the entrance or the environmental group, you are expected to work a minimum of 12 hrs during the festival or 16 hrs if you come before or stay after the festival. The hours are often split into 2-3 shifts. We expect you to be completely sober when you are on your shifts.

For 12 hrs of volunteer work you will get:

  • Entrance to the festival
  • “Fika”( Coffee, tea and snacks) at the Staff Café
  • A camping spot for your tent at the Volunteer camping by the river.

As a volunteer you will work a minimum of 12 hrs during the festival weekend, divided into 2-3 shifts. If you would like to join you will have to fill in the application form which will be posted here during the spring. In the application you will fill in what area you most like to volunteer at and tell us  a little about yourself and your experiences. In the middle of June the Volunteer Coordinator will start to place the volunteers into the different groups, like The Security group, the Entrance and the Environmental group. After that you will receive an email stating what group you have been placed in. You will also get  contact details to the coordinator for that group. This is also the person you will confirm that you want to keep your spot. Lateron you will aslo get a schedule and all necessary information needed before you arrive.

 Good to know when you apply:

  • Plan your trip in advance. Näsåker is a small village with restricted transport availability. On our Find us page you can find more information.
  • Most work groups will have an introduction meeting with all their volunteers on Thursday 2nd (first day of festival) before the festvial area opens. Usually round noon or at 4pm the latest, the meeting can take up to 1-1,5 hrs. If you can’t attend that early due to travel please specify this in the application form so that the coordinator can take this in consideration when planning.
  • You must be sober on all your shifts.

We have a limited availability to accept under aged volunteers, but we do try to place everyone that applies. However you must be at least 13 t o apply. Youths between 13-15 years of age need a consent from an adult.

 The Volunteer camp site

All volunteers can stay for free at our Volunteer camping site. Anyone wish to stay elsewhere will have to book and pay that themselves.

The camp is situated by the river just below the village. Only for tents, about 20 min walk to the festival area. Close to the common sauna. Dry toilet. No electricity. One part of the camping is drug free. Everyone is responsible for putting the trash in the right bin. Drinking water from a tank. There is no road to the camp site and the footpath can be muddy.

Tickets for Urkult 2021 will be released in the autumn of 2020


Urkult Lärkvägen 1, 880 30 Näsåker