Help us recycle your waste!

Leaving a small environmental footprint is important to us at Urkult. It is a challenge to not leave a mark on the environment when so many people gather in one place at the same time – and the only way for us to do so is with the help of all of you.

At our festival waste is recycled, the permanent toilets are supplemented with urine separators, noise from speakers is kept at reasonable levels and as many environmentally friendly materials are used as possible with the resources and knowledge that we possess.


Photo Olivia Modalen

The food vendors inside the festival area are required to use organic ingredients and we help them maintain contact with local farmers to promote locally grown food. Organic food is produced without pesticides which keeps soil and water free from toxins. By promoting the local farmers we subsequently reduce transports and support our countryside. 

The disposable items in the festival area are made out of compostable materials. Unfortunately a biogas-facility is still needed for this process. Our closest bio-gas facility is in Härnösand – and because Urkults amount of waste is too small to make the transportation of the waste carbon-efficient the disposable items are instead burned together with the leftover food. Despite this we still believe it is preferable to use compostable, toxin-free materials for our disposable items than the ones made of plastic. Urkult and the township keeps dialogue going and hopes to implement new and better solutions in the future. 


Photo Per-Johan Nylund


Help us recycle! Put your waste in the right bin so we can make sure it ends up where it belongs.

Unfortuantly we will not be able to recycle plastic this year, as the garbage collectors will not have a separate sorting system for it. The plastic will be put in the combustibles (even though we place plastic bins around the festival). We are hoping to see an alternative solution to this soon.

Paper: Wellpapp, cartons, paper wrappers

Metal: Packaging made of metal, e.g aluminium foil & tin cans.

Glas: Coloured and non-colored glass and glass jars. Glass bottles are not allowed into the festival due to the risk of glass shards and barefoot visitors.

Combustivles: Disposable items from food vendors and pubs in the festival area (cutlery, plate, mugs, glasses), plastic, diapers, pads etc.

Recyclebles: Bottles and cans with

Cigarette buds: Smokers are asked to put their cigarette buds in ashe-bins placed out around the smoking areas.