Love and respect!

Show the people around you that you care – and take care of each other!

When many people gather at one place at the same time an accident can easily occur. That is why we ask you to be observant of your surroundings and take action if you were to see something that does not feel OK.

Our Policy of Care & Inclusion

Our organisation operate through a policy where all people regardless of gender, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability or religious belief should feel included, safe and welcome at our festival and other events that are organized in our name.



First Responder

A First Responder is an on-call firefighter with basic healthcare knowledge. Their duty is to be first at the scene of an accident and to to the best of their ability maintain the situation. When they arrive your duty is to make room and to make sure they are able to get to the people in need or the situation that has to be handled.

Safety and Police

During the festival we work closely with our security guards and the police. This is a community initiative we have taken together to create as safe of a festival as possible and to keep an open and productive dialogue between ourselves. We all strive to do our very best if a situation occurs. Urkults Safety Group can be reached at Navet situated by the festival entry. 


Safety Support Phone Service +46 707 704 731

In addition to the presence of police, security guards and SOS that are the first hand choice when a serious accident has occurred, there is also a Safety Support Line that you can call if anything unpleasant happens to you or somebody around you. We have trained personell that are on call – and that you can reach 24/7 during the festival. The phone number is only activated during the days of the festival.

In case of serious sexual abuse cases like rape or sexual harassment we urge you to always call 112 and report it straight to the police. If you feel unsure or scared to do so – ask someone around you or our staff for support.