CAMPING & Accommodation

Tent, caravan or staying within a distance?

Bookings opens up at the turn of months April-May

At Urkult there are a number of camp sites to choose from, these are run privately and you will book your accommodation with them personally. Please find information for each one of them below.
You also have the option to stay at a mass-lodging place at the local school, or book a private room with village people.
Camping is not included in the ticket. You will need a festival pass in order to stay at the camp sites during Urkult.


Karta Näsåker 2023



Cabins, camp- and tent site next to festival area. Limited access to electricity for tents, vans and trailers. More information can be found on the website 

Näsåkers Camping & Stugby foto Per-Johan Nylund

Photo Per-Johan Nylund



Quiet camping located in central Näsåker primarily for families. 5 minutes distance to festivalarea. Vans/trailers and tents. No military tents or buses. No electricity. WC that is cleaned every second hour both day and night. Pantry and freezers for ice packs. Fully booked. Text +46 (0) 70–222 92 16 in case of cancellation!

Sigges Camping foto Per-Johan Nylund

Photo Per-Johan Nylund


Located at the north side of the river by the bathing place, just below the local Folklore Museum. About 10 minutes from the festival area. Only tents allowed, no vans or military tents. No electricity. Earth closet/Outhouse. BBQ facilities.  Contact via e-mail or phone +46 (0)70–267 72 27.


Photo Per-Johan Nylund


Nature camping situated at the river bank. This camp site is primarily open for our volunteers, but have a few spots open for paying guests only in company with volonteer. Send an e-mail to to pre-book your place or become a volonteer!


Photo Per-Johan Nylund



Situated on the south side of the river, about 1 km (walking path) from the festival area. Tent and vans/trailers. Breakfast service and café in the big yurt. Wood fired sauna available for reservation. For more information visit the website

Uppströms camping

Photo Per-Johan Nylund


Camp Bygården is a central camping site at the end om Storgatan (the big street though the village). It is a field area with only 2 minutes walk to the hotel, 5 minutes to the grocery store and 15 minute walk to the festival area.
Here you can put up a tent or park your mobile home. Reception, water, porta-pottys & fire places are accessible in this area.
You can reach them on The payment is made at the reception upon arrival. They are also looking for volunteers! More information can be found at

Camp Bygården


About 1,5 km from the festival there is a camping site on the north side of trunk road 90. It’s a calm family camping for tents and mobile homes. You are also welcome to stay in your car! 
The surroundings are rural and you can enjoy nature. There will be porta-potties and water but no electricity. There’s a fire-ban with the exception of camping kitchens, and our own camp fire. If you want to save time going back and forth to the festival area we recommend bringing a bike. There is no transportation offered by Urkult or otherwise.
To book this camping send and email to or phone +46 (0)730-65 38 14. State your name, address, phone number, what tent/vehicle you will be living in and how many people you will be. Booking fee 500 SEK included in the prices. Refundable for cancellations before the 22nd of July. Pay the rest with Swish in the reception when you arrive. They are also looking for volunteers. More information can be found on



Classic festival camping. Situated on south side of the river, about 500 meters from the festival area. Only 30 normal tents. No caravans. Access to place for dishwashing. No electricity. No parking. Not suitable for children. Booking on +46 (0)73–030 42 33.


Camping by the sauna. A scenic camping by the riverside just below the village. 20 minutes walk to the festival area. Tents, caravans and hammocks. Earth closets. No electricity. No bookings. First come, first served!

Bastuvallens camping foto Sture Marklund

Photo Sture Marklund

Other ways to stay


Many locals rent out rooms, beds or spots for mobile homes during the festival and put out their vacancies on Urkults unofficial Facebook-group. Below you can find all the information we at Urkult have received and know about the different accommodation alternatives. We update the page every time we receive new information about an new camping site or alternative for our visitors.


Masslogin at Näsåkers school welcomes those who want to stay indoors during the festival! The price includes only a mattress. You’ll need to bring your own bedding and pillow! Fill out the form to register your interest!


Urkult rents the entire hotel during the festival.


Omsjö, 16 km from Näsåker
Omsjö Camping

Resele, 16 km from Näsåker
Boende i Resele

Ramsele, 32 km from Näsåker
Ramsele Camping

Junsele, 34 km from Näsåker
Junsele CampingJunsele B&B and Hotell Corner

Sollefteå, 43 km from Näsåker
Hotell HallstabergetCity HotellNipanhotellet and Sollefteå camping

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