Since November 1st last year, there has been a ban on bags at all major events in Sweden. Therefore, during this year’s Urkult, it will be forbidden to bring large bags into the festival. At Urkult, visitors are only allowed to bring small bags onto the festival grounds, such as tote bags or small backpacks, which are smaller than 40x40x20 cm (height x width x depth). Changing bags for infants and bags for medical needs are also completely fine! All small bags and pushchairs will be searched as usual by our volunteers at the entrance.

Large backpacks, duffel bags, and the like will not be permitted into the area. Please leave what you can in your car or at your accommodation as we do not have the space or the means to handle any form of cloakroom at the entrance. 🙏💚

We hope to make the best of the situation together with you visitors. The more people who receive this information in advance and can plan what to bring to the festival grounds, the better the flow of entry and exit will be at the entrances.

So please share this information with each other! ✨💛✨