Instead of Las Migas we are able to present this amazing artist:

💥 ELLIPHANT 💥  Playing on Main stage friday 6 PM!

Elliphant, Swedish singer, songwriter and rapper is a whirlwind of randomness, wildness and happy accidents! With lyrics digging around themes of empowerment and self-discovery she has been splattering colors all over the musical canvas in different scenes for some time, starting in the techno movement in Sweden and LA. Spitting words on the mic, and discovering the depths of the UK dubstep underground trolls, Elliphant’s music is a blend of electronic punk, grime and hip-hop. It has rebellion against societal pressures in the punch, and a passionate love declaration for nature in its taste. Come and make the Main stage dancefloor shake in Elliphant’s raw and uncompromising music cocktail!