Atlantic Crossing

Atlantic Crossing foto Filip Krzyzanowski & Martin Vernhem

The duo Woodlands has, since the release of their debut album, established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the Nordic and Celtic folk music scene. The duo Jocelyn & Ellen has quickly made a strong impression on their audience in Canada, the US and the UK. Atlantic Crossing is the name of their international collaboration merging Scandinavian, Celtic and North American folk music. A dynamic and colorful experience featuring two fiddles, cello, Celtic harp and step dance deeply rooted in both tradition and innovation. In 2017, the musicians met in Glasgow where a dream of impacting the folk music genre was born. With captivating melodies and energetic rhythms, they invite listeners into a rich soundscape of vibrant compositions. Thoughtful, engaging and skillful. At Urkult, you’ll have the opportunity of enjoying Atlantic Crossing as their notes swirl across the Atlantic and meet in a lively dance.

Photo Filip Krzyzanowski & Martin Vernhem


Posted on

17 June 2024