The warmth from the spring sun finally entices the desire to sleep in closer contact with nature! 🐞🌿 What could be more fitting during a festive and loving weekend in the heart of the Ångermanland forests than experiencing the magic of the festival among pine trees and moss by the powerful river?

Booking is now open for the campsites and indoor accommodation at Näsåkers school! During the festival week, there are many different types of campsites to choose from. Whether you prioritize proximity to the festival site, peace and quiet, child-friendliness, or full-on excitement, whether you want to stay in a tent, motorhome, or bus, you can surely find a campsite that suits your needs! 🦋☀️

Please note that camping is not included in the festival ticket, but you need to have a festival ticket to stay at the campsites.
Read more about indoor accommodation and the campsites available, and about booking on the website:

Photo by Sture Marklund