Join us at Urkult August 4th to 6th 2022 and celebrate our long-awaited 26th festival anniversary!
Here are the first line-up announcements of this year: Fanfare Ciocărlia, Sara Parkman och Gåte!

Fanfare Ciocărlia
Expect deep pressure blasts from tubas and tenor horns intermingled with wild cacophonies of trumpets and saxophones. This long awaited act has an unparalleled talent for alloying their Balkan brass with dashes of jazz, pop and rock, all performed with mad precision at breakneck tempo.

Fanfare Ciocărlia consists of 12 musicians from the northeast parts of Rumania. They set out to conquer the world 25 years ago and after thousands of concerts around the world they have now way-passed earned cult status.

No crowd can undergo a Fanfare Ciocărlia concert without bumping and jumping and dancing. So bring your best shoes for this one.

Sara Parkman
Swedish folklore, Gregorian chants, 80’s synths and a playful avantgarde. This artist has a talent for bringing high and low culture-influences into enchanting arrangements. She gives voice to raw human emotion with an eloquency and candour that we believe is unmatched.

Sara Parkman is a folk musician, composer, violinist and the child of a priest since three generations with a distinct voice that evokes a sense of ancient heritage. Her churchly influences compliments her anarchistic queer streak as she sings with captivating earnestness.

We welcome her wholeheartedly to Näsåker with the conviction that she’s going to earn a special place in many of your hearts this August.

A combination of traditional Norwegian folk music and explosive progressive rock will immerse you in a feeling of ancient tales.
The two siblings that make out the foundation of this band have created a timeless sound with traditional violins, medieval drums, heavy chants, and folk singing.
Gåte was founded by the Sundli siblings – Sveinung and Gunnhild – in 1999 and the band had one of their first concerts at Urkult which they’ve since shared made a strong impression on them and further inspired the band on their journey.

As they are only doing two festivals in total this summer, this one will be a particularly exclusive show.
We have a feeling that Gåtes songs will interact with Näsåkers trees and waters as if they were a product of these surroundings themselves.
We can’t wait to have them on our stage again.