At Urkult there are two different areas to exhibit in. Our own market street that goes outside the entrance to the festival or the market stalls inside the festival site.

At Urkult there are two different areas to exhibit in. Our own market street that goes outside the entrance to the festival or the market stalls inside the festival area:

  • All food, skin- and haircare products must be organic, but we would also like to see that other products are as well.
  • All goods must be produced in an ethical way, which means that you as a seller have a responsibility to keep track of how your products or the material is produced, transported and handled. No one should have been exploited and no laws should have been broken in the making of your product for you to be able to partake in the market
  • Plastic is a great material but only where it is really needed. At the market we don’t think is it needed in bags, packaging, yarn and textiles, etc. As an exhibitor we want you to minimize plastic in your range, and not sell any produces with it at our market.
  • We love recycling and would like to encourage all our exhibitors to think about using recycled material in your production och range.
  • Crystals, stones, products from animals, etc. are products where there is a major problems regarding ethics, laws and origins. If you have products that contain crystals, stones or material from animal, we require that you can report its origin, for example with a certificate of origin. It is not enough to say that you picked them yourself.
  • To avoid chaos, we want all exhibitors to be in place no later than 23.55 on Wednesday. It is no longer possible to show up on Thursday. It is of course okay to come earlier in the week to start your work. Remember to let us know which day you are coming.
  • Everything must be in place and unpacked, ready for customers no later than 12.00 on Thursday, otherwise you will lose your place. It is of course alright to come earlier in the week and start working.
  • Let us know which day you are coming.
  • When you leave on Sunday, you must take your own waste with you when you leave the market. Anyone who does not take care of their own rubbish will receive a bill for cleaning afterwards.
  • As an exhibitor you represent Urkult. It means a great responsibility for how you and those you have with you conduct yourself. Show love and respect to everyone!

Prices 2022

The market street is divided into 3 meter sections and cost 2,500 SEK per section. There is electricity but is costs 550 SEK for those who want to rent it. If you have several sections you still pay the same price as if you have only one section. One festival ticket is included per booked 3 meter section.

To make it possible for small and start-up companies to be part of our market, we also have some smaller stalls at the market street. These cost 700 SEK (electricity and festival ticket not included) The stalls need to be emptied every night when you end your shift. If you want electricity, it costs 550 SEK extra. We prioritize first-time sellers in these locations.

Market stalls at the festival place cost 3,050 SEK each and include electricity. Two festival tickets included.

Camping is not included but you can book it separately at the campsite!

Your application is binding. A confirmation will be sent to you via email – it also means that your application has been accepted and you have been received a place. Make sure that is among your secure addresses so that our mail does not end up in your spam.

If you cancel before the last payment date (see the invoice that accompanies with the confirmation), you will receive the entire payment back. After the last payment date, but no later than four weeks before the market starts, you only need to pay half the rent if you cancel. If you cancel later than one month before the first market day, you must pay the full rent. If you are not on site when the market starts, we will give the site to another exhibitor and you will be liable for payment for the market rent. If you have any questions, please contact the

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