The Night of Fire is Urkults inauguration ceremony and takes place during Thursday. The show can contain everything from dance to acrobatics to poetry and music, in an artsy composition that all orbit around the element fire.

The Night of Fire is different every year. We invite different acts who all get complete artistic freedom to create something utterly unique. Urkult and especially The Night of Fire is known to create a unique atmosphere that attracts visitors every year – and keeps them coming the following years – to join together in joy and affinity by Nämforsen, a place where people have gathered for thousands of years.

This year we have invited the Nordcirkus, a circus group from Edsåsdalen in Jämtland and the composer Christian Cuadra from Sundsvall to together create something excitingly unique.

Nordcirkus & Christian Cuadra

Carefully creeping they emerge – curios and cautions from the nooks and crannies. They know that there is another creature here… And that creature is fire. They fumble and circle around each other – and with utmost caution they make contact. The joy of finding out that ”The Others” are peaceful and benevolent creatures is an intoxicating realisation and through this the start of surging new relationships and deep bonds can take place. When the excitement and rush slowly settles down and the fire returns to ember and ash they return … and this time there is more of them.

Tova Ekenberg – Choreographer, artist
Anna-Sara Wännman – Co-creator, artist
Tony Hadders – Co-creator, artist
AnnSofie Svensson – Co-creator, artist
Tsz-Hin Tang – Co-creator, artist
Phillip Nässén – Co-creator, artist
Christian Cuadra – Composer
Daniel Oja – Producer, Co-creator, rigger, technician, Safety manager
Sara Oja – Producer, Co-creator, Business manager , Team manager

Photo Albert Rösch