Johanna Juhola and Lena Jonsson

Johanna Juhola och Lena Jonsson

Urkult opens strongly with a starting field of this super duo consisting of a Finnish accordion star and a Swedish violin icon. Lena Jonsson is one of Scandinavia’s most influential musicians in contemporary folk music. She combines her deep knowledge of traditional Swedish folk music with the sound of rock, pop, jazz, American old time and bluegrass. Johanna Juhola is a celebrated innovator in the tango genre, a world music icon and a major reformist in the accordion world, known as a pioneering visionary who moves easily between genres and worlds. The duo mixes Finnish and Swedish folk music with their own compositions. Together they create an explosive mix of innovative and exciting lively accompaniment where they masterfully meet in creativity and playfulness.


Posted on

3 May 2024