Stina Wollter

Stina Wollter foto Gabriel Liljevall

The multi-artist and body activist Stina Wollter returns to Urkult with her touching and storytelling music and lyrics. Life and living, darkness and light, the events in between, few people can tell so authentically, compellingly and multifacetedly. “That pendulum that struck me since my teenage years is now in sync with my heartbeat, breath and train of thought. Out of hand. Art and creation is the place that is mine”. Five years have passed since the magical evening when we got to experience Stina’s colorful musical palette on the Urkult Stage, Solscenen. Her genuine presence is like a channel into the deeply human, the emotional experiences we can all relate to. Sad, happy, naked, small and big. Now it’s time again to share time around the wonders of life, this time she steps up as a sextet on the big stage and also with some new Swedish song material.


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24 May 2024