In 2006, the band that would be named Glesbygd’n picked up their instruments for the first time and started their own musical revolution. With roots deep into the mill of the northern land and a great love for root reggae music, the band channeled their own culture through a music that is now usually referred to as “Northern gloom reggae”. The reverberation from the audience became like wood in the already burning bonfire and that fire has created unforgettable music in the spirit of protecting the land, the forest, animals and people of the north. Almost a decade has passed since Glesbygd’n last rolled into the Urkult festival and let their wistful backbeat, cheerfully inciting energy, dialect and expression rock the amphitheater. The band is currently working on a new record, we hope to hear some samples when this wonderful cloudberry compote of reggae, folk tunes, jazz improvisations, politics and raw joy takes the stage this year.


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24 May 2024