Urkult values kids and therefor have dedicated a big piece of the festival to them. They can participate in the big adventure and all generations can meet with each other. Our littlest of visitor should be just as happy and satisfied with their visit as the rest of the us. The safety is heartfelt – both the people and the place contribute to it.
Now it’s time for the presentation of this years childrens festival program!:

Join ”Nalle Clown” where he wanders amongst magic stuff of different sorts. Or experience the bewitching chalet and heard calling in the audiovisual folk music theatre ”Far away in the woods”, with Maria Jonsson and Sofia Sandén. The very young audiences will most probably, with all its delightfulness, be captivated by the dog and its mother in the show “Voff!” with Karin Larsson. The local theater group Skogsnäs Theaters invites us to two shows from the deepest parts of our woods in ”The Whispers of the Milkyway” and ”Forrest Roots”. In the grand adventure to try to find “the Lady in the River” we follow ‘Izze the fisher’ to try to find a mystical being and hear its enchanting tails of water – and its power, signed Pia Fries.

In addition to these shows we offer courses and workshops for children of all ages such as Try-out-Circus, Face Painting, Vagabond-Crafts, Graffiti and Arts & Crafts Workshop.

The first thing the children are met with inside the festival area is ”Urspel” – a place where they can walk on stilts, feel butterflies in their stomachs as they sit on the big swings or just enjoy the playful atmosphere. Urspel is a place that we build every year with playful and clever volunteers who do everything possible to make the place something the children will remember for a long time.

Outside the Local Folklore Museum you can find The Big Blue Circus Tent. Here we have theaters, try-out-circus and other fun activities. Most of the things here are meant for children but adults are of course just as welcome as the young ones. When the entrance to the tent is shut it means the show has begun and we have been invited to a world full of magic and adventure – do not miss it!

FAR AWAY IN THE WOODS (5-10 year olds)
In the audiovisual folk music theatre ”Far away in the woods” the theme is chalets and heard calling. In the show we learn about life at the chalet. What did the everyday- life look like on the chalet-hill? How did she call on the animals or cook the whey butter.
We are invited to listen to heard calling mixed with bangers. The music is live looped and integrated with the audience who get to dance chalet disco and participate in the recording of musical landscapes! On the movie screen we show old archived movies and some new ones from Karl Tövåsens chalet outside Rättvik. Join us and imbibe in an amazing part of our cultural history with all your senses!

NALLES CLOWNSHOW (family show)
Humour, warmth and the clowns classic suitcase filled with wonders. Follow Nalle – ‘Teddy Bear’ – Clown in his adventure where he is amongst magic things of different sorts. The show is language-less and suits all ages! Nalle Clown is the founder of Clowns Without Borders and has 20 years of experience of spreading laughter, circus and magic for all ages. When Nalle Clown is not out on tour he works as a director on Greenlands National Theater and as clown professor at Stockholms Art Academy in Stockholm.
VOFF! (0-2 year olds)

It’s about a dog. Voff! An actor and a hand puppet. Songs, rimes and rhythms. A small play about big feelings! Happy! Lonely and scared… Angry! And at the end of it all about getting to crawl up into a warm embrace. Karin Larsson from Umeå Theatres is the actor of this show which is meant for the very littlest of our visitors. In Voff! small children, together with their parents, get a playful encounter with theatre and gets to be mesmerized by the dog and its mother that Voff! is all about. .

THE BIG ADVENTURE TO FIND THE LADY OF THE RIVER (6 years and older, bring a parent)
The Lady in the River is a mystical and magical being – and we still don’t know exactly where she is located! But now and again she visits the human world to tell us enchanting tales about water and its great powers. Bring an adult and join ’Izze the fisher’ that succeeds in luring the Lady out of the river. You are brought on an adventure where you may find out the Lady in the Water’s secret hiding place… Be prepared for a long walk and when we arrive at the secret spot – be as quiet as you can, so that you don’t risk scaring the Lady back into her deep blue water world. She is waiting and hoping that you find her because she has something to tell you…!
The Lady in the River played by Pia Fries

A musical and enchanting history from our deepest of Forrests. A play about fear, roots and the courage to tell the truth. With inspiration from out deepest and darkest Forrests they have mixed our nordic cultural heritage with influences from India as well as the orient and have created a story about the most important thing we have – which is each other. A play about humans and nature and their bond. In this story we meet both Indian gods, the kings of our Forrests – the moose and also giant ogres in a musical dream beneath the nights starry skies. It is also the story about two scared children far away in the forrest who have two – even more scared – parents at home on the farm.

Tales and wanderings from mire and bog. A tale-telling wagon comes rolling out of our deep Forrests that clothes our hilly riversides. The Skogsnäs Theatre invites us into a world told by musical tales and songs revolving around raspberry worms, green foliage and small ogres. Storytelling, finger puppets and music moves us through wild woods and bog landscapes. Precious tears and clucking laughter, about the wonder of the littlest things and our most beautiful of treasures. A tribute to earth, trees and the sun. Come out and help us open up the Tale-Telling Wagon’s magical hatches and experience our Forrests tales and songs together with us!
Storytellers: Petra-Eleanora Svedberg, Musician: Kamilla Sol