Our friends at Nässjö Järnvägsmuseum has worked hard to make sure the Urkult Train keeps rolling even for Urkult 2022! The booking site has already opened and you can find the time tables, prices and book your seat easily online. The pavement is made by kredit card. Nässjö Järnvägsmuseum has added Nässjö, Linköping and Norrköping to the list of departure stations. Easy and smooth – both to and from Urkult. The price includes both journeys (to Urkult and back again) – as well as the last part of the journey that is made by bus (and the journey back includes the shuttle bus as well).


To Urkult: 3 of august (Wednesday)
From Urkult: 7th of august (Sunday)

Good to know:
All tickets are also return tickets. The same ticket is used for both trips. The price includes both trips. The ticket can be shown on the phone, on paper etc.

The last section of the journey will not be made by train as it has been previous years. The Swedish Transportation Administration has closed the tracks due to renovation on the bridge the last bit of our journey. The bus is however of course included in the price.

Good to know for people traveling from Gävle:
Due to constructions on Gävle Central the whole station is closed on Sunday 7/8. Therefore the people who book their journey from Gävle will have to get off in Storvik, where the county traffic buses with connections to Gävle will stop. The prices are lowered with 100kr/person form Gävle (same as from Ljusdal) as compensation.

Time table for the journey to Urkult:
Departure Nässjö 07.08
Departure Linköping C 08.28
Departure Norrköping C 09.08
Departure Stockholm C 11.21
Departure Uppsala 12.30
Departure Gävle C 13.50
Departure Ljusdal 16.36
Departure Långsele 19.45 (change to bus, included in price)
Departure Urkult cirka 20.30 (bus connection)

Time table for the journey from Urkult:
Avgång Urkult 08.30 (bus connection)
Avgång Långsele 09.25 (train)
Ankomst Ljusdal 12.33
Ankomst Storvik 14.39
Ankomst Uppsala 16.58
Ankomst Stockholm C 18.04
Ankomst Norrköping C 20.28
Ankomst Linköping C 21.14
Ankomst Nässjö C 22.35

Dietary preferences/allergies:
Make a note when booking, even if the food is not included in the price, so that we know approximately how much of what types of ”fika/food” we should bring on the train. We will send out information about pre-orders of food later on and we will look at your dietary notes then.

Photo Olivia Modalen