How do I buy tickets?

Buy your ticket at Tickster under Tickets. Keep in mind that the earlier you buy your ticket the cheaper it is! Urkult has a maximum number of visitors that we can host, so we recommend buying your ticket before arriving in Näsåker. Any residual tickets will be sold at the Festival Entry. If you have questions regarding your purchase contact Tickster support.   

Who gets a discount?

We try our best to maintain reasonable prices for everybody. We offer discounts to Youth between 15–17 year olds and also Seniors 65+. Children below the age of 15 are allowed in for free in company with their guardian.

Does festival tickets include camping?

No, slots at the campsites are not included in the festival tickets. Although you have to have a festival wristband to live on the campsites during the festival. There are several different camping grounds in and around Näsåker that you can book. Information about all accommodation alternatives is on our website under Camping & Accomodation. Usually you can start to book campsites in the beginning of May.

What if I want to live indoors?

Many people ask us how to find accommodation that is indoors. Unfortunately we are not able to find and book accommodation for you. You can have a look under Camping & Accommodation for updated information about how to get in contact with people who might rent out private housing.

Where can I park my car?

During the festival we have a temporary parking ban in the village as well as along the road down to the river. It is for the sake of potential emergency transports. If the parking ban is ignored there will be a fine.

The best alternative is to park your car at the big Parking lot between the church and Highway 90, situated by Sigges family campsite. Read more at our website under the tab How to Get Here.

There will be a road barrier by the church to hinder unauthorized people entering the area during the festival. If your accommodation is inside the road barrier you can get your car pass at Urkults office before the festival, or during the festival you can get it at Markusgården.

Where can I charge my electric car?

Unfortunately there are no car chargers in Näsåker yet.

Where can I find lost items?

Lost items are to be submitted at the Festival Reception at Markusgården, Navet at the festival entry or to the Information shed inside the festival area. The things left behind after the festival is finished will be submitted to Urkults office. All valuables are then turned in to the Police station in Sollefteå.

What kind of food and drinks is there?

There is organic and locally farmed food in the festival. Vegetarian and vegan dished as well as dishes containing meat. At our webpage you can read more under Market & Food.

We sell beer, cider, wine and sodas at the Pubs inside the festival area. There is a 18+ age limit and you should be prepared to show ID when buying your beverage-token at the token-shed as well as before you receive your drink at the pubs Etnostupet or Rotvältan.

You are not allowed to bring your own beverages into the festival area. If you carry liquids when entering the festival you will be asked to empty them before you are allowed inside.

You can re-fill your water for free inside the Entry to the festival or at Markusgården. However water bottles made of glass are also not allowed inside the festival area, as there are many people including children that walk around barefoot.
The grocery store have extended opening hours during the festival. The gas station ”Stureplan” has a smaller range of groceries. Ingelas café and Flintabaren serve food and there are also a large number of temporary food trucks outside and around the festival area. We cannot guarantee that the food is organic or locally farmed except for the ones inside the festival area and the ones that are part of ”Urkuts fair market”.

When is the festival area open?

For information about opening hours read more under Tickets.

Is there an ATM in Näsåker?

Yes, there is an ATM outside the gas station ”Stureplan”. Many vendors at the markets take Swish or cards payments while some only take cash. At Urkults own market slots you can, just like at our festival Entry and in our Pubs, only pay by card.

Is the festival accessible?

Urkult takes place in a scenic area where the physical accessibility is limited in some areas. At our website you can read more under Accessibly.

Should I bring my dog along?

Dogs and other pets are not allowed at the festival area with the exception of guide dogs and service dogs on duty. For the dogs sake, do not bring it to Näsåker during the festival week.

What if it rains?

Most concerts are outdoors so you should bring rainwear. Rain ponchos are sold at Markusgården and in the information shed inside the festival area.

How safe can I feel at the festival?

Urkult works in many different ways to make you as a visitor as safe at the festival as possible.
In case of accidents and injuries we always have a First Responder on duty. We also work closely together with security guards and police during the festival. In addition to the police, the security and SOS we have an additional Security service that offers support if you experience something unpleasant at or around the festival. In that case you can call their number 0707 704 731 any hour of the day. Read more under Safe festival.


Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please contact us in one of the ways below:

Selling food at the festival site

Do you want to sell organic food at the festival site? Urkult imposes high standards for our food vendors.

Send us an e-mail to

Selling at our fair marketplace

Urkult have been working hard to make our marketplace full of fair products. Are you a craftsmen or vendor and have a fair sortiment that you wish to sell at our marketplace?

Send us an e-mail to

Do you represent a solidarity organization?

At our Solidarity square at the festival site non-profit organizations take a stand. It is possible to hold lectures and screen movies at Markusgården as well.

Send us an e-mail to

Bookings and music suggestions

Are you a musician, booking agent or do you want to suggest music? We are very pleased to receive so many offers and that so many people are engaged in our festival.

We start planning our program during the autumn and complete all bookings during the winter.

Send us an e-mail to

Press, media and accreditations

Are you a journalist and want to ask questions, or do you wish to come and report from the festival?

Send us an e-mail to

Contact the office

The Urkult office staff is working part time.

Send us an e-mail to

You can try to and ring us at +46 622–100 96

Our postal address is Urkult, Lärkvägen 1, 881 70 Näsåker, Sweden

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